3 Amazing Time Travel Paradoxes That Will Blow Your Mind

TIME, which is always a mystery to us. There are many stories around the world but some call ita misconception, while others believe that time travel is possible. What do you think?

Time travel is possible if seen through the eyes of Science. According to Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’, time travel can be done through Time Dilation . But according to this theory we can only do time travel in the future and not in the past. But a theory exist that allows us to travel in the past, ‘The Wormhole Theory’.

But think about that, can we go back in time and make some changes? This question rise to various paradoxes.

1. Grandfather Paradox

Based on our current knowledge the flow of time is always linear. But what if you are able to travel to the past and kill your grandfather before his marriage? As a result your father wouldn’t have been born, so you wouldn’t have been born. Then how did you manage to go back in time and kill your grandfather? Some physicists say you wouldn’t be born in the parallel universe but you would still be born in another.

Based on Quantam Mechanics the universe does not have one history but rather an infinite number of parallel histories. The theory is called ‘The Many Worlds Interpretation’ and it suggest that for every observation or decision on Earth, a new world history is created. Based on this theory a new universe with a different future would branch into creation where you have killed your grandfather. While the universe from where you travelled exist as it did before.

The Science behind time travel is full of uncertainity and humans may not able to withstand time travel at all. Geoff Tollefson, a roffesior of Physics at Chapman University said,”travelling nearly the speed of light would only take a centrifuge but that would be lethal you”.

2. Bootstrap Paradox

The Bootstrap Paradox says that time always rotate in a closed loop. According to this paradox there is no definite origin of time. That means we can not say exactly what happened before and what will happen after? Let us understand this with an example.

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Interested in Science, Technology and curious about recent activities.

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Sraboni Modak

Sraboni Modak

Interested in Science, Technology and curious about recent activities.

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