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Sraboni Modak
2 min readNov 26, 2020
Top 5 Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe

Researchers are still discovering new interesting planets and studying the movements of meteors almost every month. Some basic questions about the universe are still of greater interest to researchers. Thus the basis for current research is based on assumptions that researchers either want to confirm or refute. But what are the really big questions and mysteries surrounding the universe? What are the questions about our existence that Astro Research is currently dealing with?

The dark secret of the universe

Anti-matter sometimes called dark matter, it serves as a powerful energy source in star wars and star trek. This is by no means a work of an author’s fantasy but a realistic creation from the laws of nature. While every atom, neutron, neutrino and quark is known there is also a part about which we know almost nothing. This is because every small particle that makes up the world has a counterpart. Dark matter is created together with the atoms and neutrons. At least that’s what the calculations say. But it seems almost impossible to find these dark partners of the known building blocks of the universe. So while research is certain that anti-matter must exist it has its difficulties in proving it. Of course there is the theory that it is somewhere in space but based on calculations this is implausible. Instead researchers are asking themselves whether the early days of the universe may have caused an event, when matter and anti-matter meet this can unleash a powerful unfolding of energy and power. What if at some point a singular event occurred in which matter took over and displaced dark matter? It could have been the beginning of the universe. Only there’s no way to prove it and research can’t be based on maybe. The existence of matter is one of the foundations for research into the “Laws of Nature”. Therefore we will continue to try to either prove the existence of dark matter or find an explanation why it can no longer be found easily today. While actual matter still surrounds us at every moment and with every heartbeat.

What does the universe base itself on?

The question about the components of the universe is almost philosophical and like almost all major questions about the universe can only be answered on a theoretical level. Although researchers have now discovered countless planets, moons and stars as well as various gases and special features. And while we know that there is matter because among other things the earth is made up of matter we continue to wonder how big its share is in the universe. Exactly at this point dark matter comes into play yet again.




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