What existed before the Big Bang?-Abstract Words

How did our universe originate?

In some of the dark situations that come up in our life everyone is questioning how this universe came to be? Everyone knows that science’s answer to the question of how the universe came to be is the Big Bang. This Big Bang theory, however, is in a way based on Einstein’s ‘General theory of relativity’. But before that we need to talk a little bit about a mistake made by Einstein in the days when there was no Big Bang Theory.

What this means is that when the field equations proposed by Einstein were applied to this universe?

Einstein observed that the universe would expand or contract. But in the old days it was believed that the universe was permanent without moving so Einstein thought that even these field equations, when applied to the universe, should be constant. To this end he introduced a new cosmological constant in his equations. The universe became balanced when used but later Edwin Hubble’s research found that the universe expands, so Einstein also removed this cosmological constant from his equations. That is, Einstein’s equations predicted that the universe would expand.

What come before the singularity?

So the question of what happened before the big bang is also wrong because time starts with the big bang and there is no time before the big bang so the word event does not even make sense.

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Interested in Science, Technology and curious about recent activities.

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Sraboni Modak

Sraboni Modak

Interested in Science, Technology and curious about recent activities.

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